Bretchmari for the Brigade Deal in the British Parliament; 5 out of 7 amendments bill declined


London: The British Parliament voted for the Brigade Dele, in which the 5 amendment bill was rejected when 2 were approved.

According to the British media, 7 different transit bills were presented during the vote for the British Parliament, out of which 5 amendment bill was rejected, when 2 were approved.

The first amendment to the Bretch in the British Parliament was rejected, in contrast to this amendment 327 and 296 votes were supported. Similarly, second amendment failed. Later, the third amendment was rejected, in which 321 when voted 301 votes, the amendment was about to give more time to find alternative alternative to MP.
According to the British media, the British Parliament rejected the 5th amendment for the vote-by-vote, 290 in Roussermerm’s support and 322 votes in opposition. Apart from this, the amendment to prevent Scotland from preventing the withdrawal from the European Union was rejected, as well as the amendment regarding the breakthrough of the Jamium carbon-free deal was rejected.

During the vote for the Brigade Dal, the British Parliament approved the seventh amendment bill, 317 in the support of the amendment and 301 votes were cast.

It is clear that the bill is about to amend the EU’s separation plan B. With the change in the backbone of majority of the members, the Dale’s Parliamentary Parliament rejected 2 years ago.

On the other hand, British Prime Minister Thessamare said that today the majority of members supported the deal with Beck Stop, and said that the European Union-based partnership with Brother Dale.
Thessamay added further that border guards will be allowed to relax in Ireland and Northern Ireland, while negotiations with the EU will not be easy.

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