President Donald Trum on American intelligence in Iran’s case


Washington: US President Donald Trump criticized American intelligence officials this time in his tweets and said that he is making a lot of mistakes in Iran and he needs to enter school and re-read his lesson.

The US intelligence agency said in a report that Iran is not making nuclear weapons, nor does Korea eliminate all its nuclear installations.

In his reaction, President Donald Trumpp said in his traditional rhetoric that ‘apparently the intelligence officials of Iran’s threats are very forgotten and unprofessional and they are in error!


Donald Trump said in one of his tweets, “When I was president, Iran was disturbing all the Middle East and outside.” There is a lot of change after the end of the horrific Iranian nuclear deal, but Iran is still a secret source of danger and conflict. They have tried rockets last week and crossing boundaries. Their economy is destroying, which is the only way to stop them. Beware of Iran In this case intelligence (officers) should go back to school and read lessons.

Earlier, the American National Intelligence Director, Dan Coats, told Iran that the ballistic missile program is the largest in the region, which is a threat to the Middle East, but after sending mission in space, Iran’s international The timeline of the aluminum ballistic missiles is short.

In the intelligence report, it was further said that North Korea will not destroy all its nuclear installations in contrast to the expectations of the US government, because North Korea declares its nuclear program essential for domestic security and also reduces the speed of weapons deterioration. Is.

CIA director Jina Hessel also participated in the Senate’s action, surprisingly supporting Iran, saying that Iran is still baning a nuclear deal.

It is clear that the US President Donald Trumpp had accused Iran of nuclear weapons, expanding the global nuclear deal last year and had sanctions on Iran on economic sanctions.

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