Private school tax was caught in Karachi, more than 2 branches were fired


KARACHI: The robbery of RTO was stolen, making assets more than revenue and hazards of income sources.

Taxes of millions of private schools have been involved in theft of theft during the operation against the leading private school of FBR RTI, after politicians, traders and artists.

During the raid on a private school, more than 2 other branches came out by the artificial authorities, while the private school did not show the Gulshan Iqbal and Asfani branch in the Tax Gourd.
Overall the receipts of Rs. 19 crores were printed in various bank accounts, according to the record of RTO data record, in 2014, 5 million rupees in 2015, 5 million in 2016, 92 million in 2016 and 5 million in 2017. The school invoices of Rs 38 lakhs were printed, the receipts of Rs. 39 crores were released by 20 million receipts, the gym was also revealed by school owners.

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