The decision to tighten the area around the real estate sector


The Ministry of Housing has prepared draft draft for legal protection of consumers, without promoting real estate project, no promoter will be able to execute or purchase the sale of the advertisement, apartment, building sales without sales, no one-hour promoter without any plot. There will be no penalty for more than 10% of the apartment or building cost.

In relation to regulating the housing sector, express holders on consultation tried to contact the task force chairman on Prime Minister housing but could not succeed.
According to sources, the bill for setting up the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RRA) bill has been finalized by federal government to regulate and promote the real estate sector.

The purpose of establishing Real Estate Regulatory Authority is to regulate and provide real estate sector, in addition to ensuring transparent transparency in real estate sector projects to protect consumers’ interests in the scope of this authority.

Registrations from the authority of real estate agents will be mandatory, each registration agent will be given to each real estate agent, which will be referred to in the purchase of all types of property.

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