The lungs act like fuel Maker Tool


Stanford: Experts have made an instrument of hydrogen fuel maker, which works like our lungs.

Scientific University Scientific University has developed a device in two parts by distributing hydrogen fuel, which works on the basis of the same human lungs.

Gases turn from one another to another through a membrane in human lungs. In this process oxygen is involved in the blood, so that the body reaches all parts. Experts have increased water chemical interactions using special electrolytes (electrolytes), which makes water rapidly hydrogen breaking the water. It can be used to lighten up the homes by using hydrogen riders and using it.
Scientists team developed a plastic membrane of 12 nano-meter spaces on which one side was the hole that could push the water. On the other hand side of the membrane, gold and platinum were made to make the most widely used particles that were made for chemical reactions. This membrane was then rolled like a circular paper and the metal membrane was placed inside. As soon as the power was given to the water, it started moving into hydrogen and oxygen and absorbed in a lampled instrument and started moving towards the inside. According to experts, the number of barley holes stopped gas waste because in this way there was a lot of gas bubbles.

According to experts, 32 per cent more proved to be effective and effective in comparison to other devices for making energy from artillery synthetic lungs. Interestingly, this device’s material has been effective and efficient for 250 hours as the same type of carbon-made devices drain up to 74 percent of its utility in just 75 hours. This design will be further improved in the next phase and thus seeing human lungs, a system of hydrogen fuel production will soon be embarrassed.

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