The new conflict between America and China was caught


Washington / Beijing: The leading mobile phone airwave caught between the US and the United States.

According to the International News Agency, China’s firm response by the US Department of Justice filed a case against China’s mobile company Owawee and declared it an attempt to destroy the Chinese economy.

The United States has filed trial of Miss Meng Canada, under the arrest of Hoye’s head in Canada and illegal transactions with Iran, fraudulent and 13 serious allegations such as industrial spy.
China’s Foreign Ministry has denied the US allegations on the domestic mobile company while demanding the withdrawal of the case, while the mobile company, Ohio, has also rejected American allegations.

China’s leading mobile company president was detained in Canada on December 1, 2012, but was released on a bail of $ 10 million, but he could not get out of Canada.

It is clear that the constitutional term could be filed by January 30 for the transfer of US Air Force company head, despite the warning of China’s trial, the US filed a complaint on the previous day.

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