They did not become a “pilot”


Well, well-known people, “Awesome people” did not understand the well-being, “Awesome people” in the audience of “Awesome service”, now understand when the Civil Aviation Authority A three-member bench revealed that educational documents of PIA seven pilots were found fake, five of which have not even metric.

The bench, which was headed by Chief Justice Mr. Saqib Nisar, is hearing the issue of certification of academic credentials of National Airlines pilots and other staff.

You have heard so much that “whatever you do not do perfection” has proved that they do charisma that do not make mathematics. The poet said, “When there was nothing, he made a meditation,” even the non-metrics that could not be done, the National Airlines considered their national duty, piloting them.
Just think, if a traveler has been flying during the news that there are those in the national Airlines Pilates who are not even metric, then it will have to face death everywhere, and the condition of heart would have been on the floor. The step by step will be reached. Such low-hearted women’s devastations will now pray before each air travel. “O God! We travel this trip, the captain is at least metric. ”

It seems that the fake credentials and shipbuilding of non-pilot pilots will enjoy the experience of airlines all over the world, they will be “cheaper” and they will get a quick-drawn captain to fly. Such questions will be made to recruit someone as captain:

“Are you ready for a paper ship in childhood?”

“Have you ever run a panic?”

“How many times have you gone?”

“Is there a motorcycle running on Karachi streets?”

“Have a truck driving experience?”

The job will be made to come back to the answer, and the ship will be told by the “key” and “the fly fly.”

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