Two suspects were killed in a police encounter in the US and 5 were injured


Houston: Two suspects were killed during the search operation against drug sellers in the US State of Houston, while 5 officials were injured.

According to the International News Agency, the criminals opened fire on the police during the joint search operation of anti-drug and police on the presence of drug-related presence in the hostel’s residential area.

Two suspects were killed in the police’s response, while four secret officials of the Counter Narcotics Force and a police officer were injured. The condition of injured personnel is out of danger.
The police have recovered weapons and heavy quantities of drugs while the police have received important information related to drug trafficking.

Houston police spokesman said that the operation was conducted during the pursuit of a group of drug buyers, this dangerous group was involved in trafficking of heroin, cocaine and other drugs.

The police have not identified the identity of both the suspects due to security reasons, the secret operation against drugs is going on.

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